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last update: 2007-09-07
This page is intented for the admins of this site (or anyone, who got the password somewhere ;) ). So, if you don't have the password and don't know, how to hack around the password-check (what shouldn't be too hard), sorry, there is nothing to do here for you.


last update: 2013-10-29


Ok, I know what you think: "WTF?? A 'links'-section? This is sooo nineties and embarassing private homepage" ... Well - it is ;) But this links section is there for ME mostly. I just want to have my links handy wherever I am. Yesyes, I know, there's del.icio.us and stuff like that, but I like this style better ;)

Legal note: I do not check all sites below frequently! At the time, I placed the link, these sites did not offend against any German or international law I'm aware of. However, sites change - if one of the sites offends now, I'm sorry and take my recommendation back. Please let me know, so I can delete the link!