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last update: 2007-09-07
This page is intented for the admins of this site (or anyone, who got the password somewhere ;) ). So, if you don't have the password and don't know, how to hack around the password-check (what shouldn't be too hard), sorry, there is nothing to do here for you.


last update: 2012-12-12


1982-07-26 Born in Tirschenreuth. Slippery, I guess.
1988 - 1992 Elementary school "Marienschule" in Tirschenreuth
1992 - 2001 High school "Stiftland Gymnasium Tirschenreuth". Got the diploma with an average of 1.3. Graduated in Latin, Maths, Physics and Religion.
1997 - 2000 Part of the "Mystique Factory", a group of six students who intended to write a new kind of computer game named "northern blades" (something like a "battlezone" - though battlezone wasn't out yet - in a fantasy-setting). We got pretty far, but too much ambition paired with no time left, because of the final exams, ended it.
2001 - 2002 Military service as a medic.
2002 Started studying media informatics at the LMU in Munich.
2004 Intermediate diploma. Average exam-score: 1.2. Overall diploma-grade: 1.4
2005 - 2006 Worked as assistant scientist at the chair of media-informatics at the LMU.
2006 Started developing PoRoBa
2007 Completed my project thesis (the first part of "AudioPhield"). Grade: 1.0
2007-06-15 Started developing and filling this site.
2008-09-16 Handed in my diploma thesis.
2008-12-01 Started working at the Aloqa GmbH.
2010-09-01 Aloqa bought by Motorola Mobility Inc.
2011-08-15 Lead designer and lead engineer at Motorola Mobility Inc, Sunnyvale
2012-10-06 Co-Founder and CXO at Pockets United GmbH, Munich