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last update: 2007-09-07
This page is intented for the admins of this site (or anyone, who got the password somewhere ;) ). So, if you don't have the password and don't know, how to hack around the password-check (what shouldn't be too hard), sorry, there is nothing to do here for you.


last update: 2007-12-10


Currently, the best way for you to contribute to PoRoBa is for you to download the game, play a little and tell me your experiences.

Of course, if you are willing to dig yourself into the editor to enhance the campaigns or even create new ones, that would be GREAT.

If you want to help coding, I really appreciate the offer and would most likely not decline it, but I have to remind you that PoRoBa might be well structured but is also insufficiently commented. But nevertheless, if you want to help, I would be happy to explain anything you need to know!

If you want to contribute by donating money (really?? does anyone actually do that?), there is currently no standardized way, I'm afraid. Hit me with an email (the adress can be found on the Impressum page), please.