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last update: 2007-09-07
This page is intented for the admins of this site (or anyone, who got the password somewhere ;) ). So, if you don't have the password and don't know, how to hack around the password-check (what shouldn't be too hard), sorry, there is nothing to do here for you.


last update: 2009-10-02


Frequently asked questions. Mail me what's missing!
What does "PoRoBa" mean?
"Pocket Round Based". You are allowed to snicker. When I started the project, I didn't realize that German "rundenbasierte" games are called "turn based" in English. And now I stick to it. After all, "poroba" does also mean "slavery" in Czech. That's appropriate, I sometime feel like a slave to this project.
Does PoRoBa work on VGA-PDAs?
My guess is: "no". I don't have VGA-gear, so I can't test it. If I'll finally have one, it will work.
Is there a version for my PalmOS/MacOS/Android/Symbian?
Sorry, Windows Mobile only. PoRoBy is written in C# footing on the .net compact framework. As long as this framework and something similar to the gapi.dll are not available for other platforms, there will be no support. I don't want to rewrite everything.
Can I offer PoRoBa on my CD/homepage/...?
You are welcome to do so - but please inform me about this distribution.
I don't hear anything?
That's all right, PoRoBa doesn't play any sounds. Most people don't even seem to miss them. If I have no more ideas of what to include, sounds might be a possibility ;)