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last update: 2007-11-23
This page is intented for the admins of this site (or anyone, who got the password somewhere ;) ). So, if you don't have the password and don't know, how to hack around the password-check (what shouldn't be to hard), sorry, there is nothing to do here for you.



admin stuff

name description date
ImageHandler 2007-09-07 X
poroba admin area 2010-02-10 X
poroba php admin 2010-02-10 X
poroba webmail spam hole 2010-02-10 X
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cello / music

name description date
Aurelie's Liber Canticorum Sweet medieval (-style) music 2010-05-11 X
capotamusic Nice, easy cello sheet music for free 2012-10-31 X
doktus.de LOTS of sheet music. 2010-04-27 X
maintain bow control Everybody needs bow control. 2010-02-16 X
musicrobot finds lots of midi files 2010-04-16 X
pianotte lots of sheet-music for pop songs 2010-04-13 X
virtual piano 2010-02-10 X
virtual piano (2) easier keyboard control 2010-02-10 X
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cool helpers

name description date
Alexa.com - great web-catalogue offers links to the best sites to whatever your looking for - clear recommendation! 2007-07-18 X
anonymous proxy A list of anonymous proxies. Handy, if you want to stay incognito or can't get stuff because your country is blocked! 2007-07-18 X
Bug Me Not Shared accounts for many pages 2007-07-18 X
domain tools (former "whois") finds the responsibles behind most pages 2007-11-23 X
IsoHunt The best place to get torrents. For legal purpose only, of course ;) 2007-07-18 X
LEO the glue that connects languages 2007-07-18 X
Nice easy cello sheet music 2012-10-31 X
stadtplandienst.de 2007-07-18 X
The Coral Content Distribution Network site down? Coral has it cached for sure! 2007-08-23 X
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name description date
David's page 2007-11-04 X
H | Insane Serena's upcoming star-band 2009-07-24 X
Ma's page 2007-08-19 X
Marc Breisinger's page 2007-07-18 X
Philipp's page The text-adventure is back. As do-it-yourself ;) 2007-11-04 X
Teja's page 2010-04-23 X
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fun stuff

name description date
AudioScrobbler ... and you never run out of music 2007-07-18 X
Castle-Magazine weird/wired design, monthly new. 2007-07-18 X
Cyanide and Happiness 2010-05-06 X
dilbert It's dilbert. You know. You should, at least. 2009-10-30 X
Falling woman Simple, but amazing. 2007-07-18 X
freebord Snowboards. On roads. I want one. I wanna wanna wanna! 2007-08-23 X
FunPic Just funny pics. Great place to waste time! 2007-07-18 X
Ghastly's Ghastly Comic Currently seldom updated comic. But the archive is hilarious! 2007-07-18 X
I-am-bored.com ... with this link: no more ... but addicted! 2007-08-27 X
lolcats i can has cheezburger 2008-04-03 X
Monkey-Island - the flash-movie laugh and face it - we are not the young ones anymore 2007-08-20 X
Nicht-Lustig The funniest web-comic there ever was. And hooray, it's back on! 2007-12-10 X
Oglaf NSFW. For real. 2011-07-04 X
Questionable Content Web-comic characters shouldn't become friends. But they do. 2007-07-18 X
ruthe.de shit happens :) (German web-comic) 2010-04-01 X
slashdot.org/ Well, you most probably know it. Still, the best way to keep track of gadgety coolness. 2008-02-06 X
The Best Page In The World ... after poroba.com, of course! 2007-10-27 X
The oatmeal Insanely funny comics 2012-06-14 X
The Verge Best Tech Blog out there. 2013-10-29 X
Urban legends - verified 2007-07-18 X
videojug remember YouTube? videojug features flics you actually want to see 2008-02-24 X
World Community Grid Heal the world by donating computing power. Being good was never so easy. And cheap. 2008-07-11 X
xkcd Horribly drawn - but you can keep your brain switched on and laugh 2007-07-18 X
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