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WinMo yay (2009-10-02):
Please tell you have not abandoned this project? It was so cool!

Tim (2008-09-08):
Hey Komax, how are you? Can you please make the map scroll the other way round?

KoMaXX (2008-05-24):
By the way, it's "butt crack" ;)

KoMaXX (2008-05-23):
I'm working as fast as I can ;)
Tanks coming soon!

Flo (2008-04-22):
any screenshots of the hopefully nearly finished tank campaign?

Flo (2008-04-22):
whats "Arschritze" in English? Anyway, I saw the tomato-guy's one ;)
And yes, I kicked his ass ...

KoMaXX (2008-04-13):
Thanks for the feedback!

I'll try to figure something out!

kendars (2008-04-13):
No bug here either!! But here's a feature request: I can't see, where the units are looking on the screen. That makes attacking from behind hard! Could you do something there?

TazMan (2008-03-26):
I'm seriously famous now, am I?

kenders (2008-03-25):
Ok, I take it back =)

kendars (2008-03-24):
Nice, you point out the bugs. Of an unpublished version. Clever!!

kendars (2007-11-23):
Finally, a beta! Runs smoothly over here ;)

tom (from PpcDev) (2007-08-24):
Hey, what's up? I saw your pre-alpha and can't wait for a beta. Please keep working!!

KoMaXX (2007-07-02):
- just a test -

KoMaXX (2007-06-30):
Yes, it works :) SHOOOUUUT!

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editor: faq

Frequently asked questions. And questions I guess should frequently be asked.
My editor looks different than the tutorial!
It looks like the tutorial ran out of sync again. That happens occasionally. Hopefully, the tutorial is still a little useful until it catches up with the current downloadable program. If you can't wait that long, please don't hesitate to ask me directly!
My changes are lost!
The most common error in the editor. It's caused by the fact that making changes permanent is a two-step process:
First you have to hit one of blue buttons "add..." or "modify...". If you want to modify something and realize too late that no item is selected in the corresponding listbox you can just select the item you want to change and hit "cancel" in the following dialog. Then, the item is selected and you can modify it.
In the second step you have to save your changes. Therefore go to the menu and hit "Save library"
All graphics are grey rectangles?!
Grey rectangles indicate not found image files. I'm guessing, you downloaded a library from this page or another source and put it somewhere on your harddisk. Unfortunately, the library-file contains full paths to referenced files. So, if you don't put the library in the same directory as the creator, files are not found.
All libraries obtainable on this page follow the same convention, namely all libraries have to lie in "C:\poroba_editor\[library name]\". I suggest you follow this convention to spare yourself the trouble of newly setting all those graphics!
Some graphics are grey rectangles?!
Same problem as in the question above. Did you rename or move files or directories? That's what caused the problem. Now, you have to undo those changes are set the image-files new. Sorry, there is new simpler way.
Where are the key-shortcuts?
Sorry, currently there are none. The editor is supposed to be used with the mouse. Yes, I know, using the keyboard would be in most cases faster. I just thought too late about it and now I don't want to change all that code to implement them. If it's a really big deal to you, tell me what shortcuts are missing and I might code them!
How do I set sounds?
Did you play the game? There are no sounds. So why, would you want to set any?