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iuiyitow (2018-06-14):

wurwroop (2018-06-07):
Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is excellent, as well as the content! aafbgcfddadd

Chris (2010-07-26):
Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag!!

Michael (2010-06-21):
*ping* What's going? Long time no see!

epreueue (2010-01-29):
Very nice site!

KoMaXX (2009-10-22):
ahhh, damn, stop spamming! I really do not want to build any captchas in here!

your mum und dad (2009-02-28):
We've tried to stop the prime numbers shitting bear. Not possible!

Your mum (2008-11-25):
Gratulation for Dream-Diplom! 1,0 is very acceptable. I'm proud of you!

KoMaXX (2008-11-25):
Thnx! Indeed, the "look" was with me ;)

Michael (2008-11-21):
Good look with your exam on Monday!

Serena (2008-08-24):
You're welcome

KoMaXX (2008-08-21):
I just feel like shouting.


That's it. Thanks for listening.

Serena (2008-04-24):
Haha, yeah, was a fun game while it lasted

No 10 was a bitch though

your mum (2008-04-07):
Ich wünsche dir einen schönen letzen Tag in USA und einen angenehmen Heimflug! Ich warte dann auf deine sms vom Münchner airport.Vielleicht gibts ja auch vorher noch einen neuen Bericht. kisses

KoMaXX (2008-04-02):
... versucht hab' ichs ;)
Which misunderstanding? Just really large trees :D

your mum (2008-04-02):
Hallo, ich warte schon auf deine nächsten Ergüsse auf englisch! Bist Du eigentlich auch schon mal zu deiner Diplomarbeit gekommen? Du hast ja schließlich von einem Arbeitsurlaub gesprochen. Bussi

Flo (2008-04-02):
trees having 3000 meters in height ... and bigger ... awesome ;)
sorry for misunderstanding you ...

KoMaXX (2008-03-27):
Sorry, too lazy for translations ;)

No, not first class, just first row in economy!

Petra (your mum) (2008-03-27):
I've read your news about San Francisco. Aber es wäre nett, wenns gleich immer eine translation gäbe!Du bist also tatsächlich in die first class geswitched?!What a "dusselbauer"!

KoMaXX (2008-03-17):
thnx :)

Serena Fate (2008-03-16):
Oi, figured out the car in CeBit Pictures ... it's an Artega ( ... apparently has some "innovative" electronic gadgets or whatever ...

taromda (2008-02-15):
Dude, I'm playing Basketball for years now and never got injured. You're doing it wrong :-D

Phil (2007-12-12):
haha, that puctuation guide is great - and I knwo exactly what you mean ;)

KoMaXX (2007-08-30):
;) Yes, English is obligatory. It makes the whole world understand (hopfeully ;)) and keeps my skills in shape.

Anni (2007-08-14):
Ist toll Deine Homepage, aber musst Du denn alles auf Englisch schreiben??? :))

Flo (2007-07-18):
Matz schnallts net 5 > 3 --> :(

Flo (2007-07-18):
not even top three ... damn YOU sir!

KoMaXX (2007-07-18):
Hey andi, thanks for the feedback. The safari-incompatibility should be fixed (I hope)!

andi (2007-07-14):
SHOUT! Love your layout and the hair-flic, but my safari messes up the footer?

marc (2007-07-02):
Ja, gar net verkehrt, dein Layout! Aber füll mal die blinden links auf!

KoMaXX (2007-07-01):
First post ;) In your faces *loser*!

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Legal note: I do not check all sites below frequently! At the time, I placed the link, these sites did not offend against any German or international law I'm aware of. However, sites change - if one of the sites offends now, I'm sorry and take my recommendation back. Please let me know, so I can delete the link!


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ImageHandler 2007-09-07 X
poroba admin area 2010-02-10 X
poroba php admin 2010-02-10 X
poroba webmail spam hole 2010-02-10 X
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name description date
Aurelie's Liber Canticorum Sweet medieval (-style) music 2010-05-11 X
capotamusic Nice, easy cello sheet music for free 2012-10-31 X LOTS of sheet music. 2010-04-27 X
maintain bow control Everybody needs bow control. 2010-02-16 X
musicrobot finds lots of midi files 2010-04-16 X
pianotte lots of sheet-music for pop songs 2010-04-13 X
virtual piano 2010-02-10 X
virtual piano (2) easier keyboard control 2010-02-10 X
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cool helpers

name description date - great web-catalogue offers links to the best sites to whatever your looking for - clear recommendation! 2007-07-18 X
anonymous proxy A list of anonymous proxies. Handy, if you want to stay incognito or can't get stuff because your country is blocked! 2007-07-18 X
Bug Me Not Shared accounts for many pages 2007-07-18 X
domain tools (former "whois") finds the responsibles behind most pages 2007-11-23 X
IsoHunt The best place to get torrents. For legal purpose only, of course ;) 2007-07-18 X
LEO the glue that connects languages 2007-07-18 X
Nice easy cello sheet music 2012-10-31 X 2007-07-18 X
The Coral Content Distribution Network site down? Coral has it cached for sure! 2007-08-23 X
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name description date
David's page 2007-11-04 X
H | Insane Serena's upcoming star-band 2009-07-24 X
Ma's page 2007-08-19 X
Marc Breisinger's page 2007-07-18 X
Philipp's page The text-adventure is back. As do-it-yourself ;) 2007-11-04 X
Teja's page 2010-04-23 X
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fun stuff

name description date
AudioScrobbler ... and you never run out of music 2007-07-18 X
Castle-Magazine weird/wired design, monthly new. 2007-07-18 X
Cyanide and Happiness 2010-05-06 X
dilbert It's dilbert. You know. You should, at least. 2009-10-30 X
Falling woman Simple, but amazing. 2007-07-18 X
freebord Snowboards. On roads. I want one. I wanna wanna wanna! 2007-08-23 X
FunPic Just funny pics. Great place to waste time! 2007-07-18 X
Ghastly's Ghastly Comic Currently seldom updated comic. But the archive is hilarious! 2007-07-18 X ... with this link: no more ... but addicted! 2007-08-27 X
lolcats i can has cheezburger 2008-04-03 X
Monkey-Island - the flash-movie laugh and face it - we are not the young ones anymore 2007-08-20 X
Nicht-Lustig The funniest web-comic there ever was. And hooray, it's back on! 2007-12-10 X
Oglaf NSFW. For real. 2011-07-04 X
Questionable Content Web-comic characters shouldn't become friends. But they do. 2007-07-18 X shit happens :) (German web-comic) 2010-04-01 X Well, you most probably know it. Still, the best way to keep track of gadgety coolness. 2008-02-06 X
The Best Page In The World ... after, of course! 2007-10-27 X
The oatmeal Insanely funny comics 2012-06-14 X
The Verge Best Tech Blog out there. 2013-10-29 X
Urban legends - verified 2007-07-18 X
videojug remember YouTube? videojug features flics you actually want to see 2008-02-24 X
World Community Grid Heal the world by donating computing power. Being good was never so easy. And cheap. 2008-07-11 X
xkcd Horribly drawn - but you can keep your brain switched on and laugh 2007-07-18 X
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