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iuiyitow (2018-06-14):

wurwroop (2018-06-07):
Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is excellent, as well as the content! aafbgcfddadd

Chris (2010-07-26):
Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag!!

Michael (2010-06-21):
*ping* What's going? Long time no see!

epreueue (2010-01-29):
Very nice site!

KoMaXX (2009-10-22):
ahhh, damn, stop spamming! I really do not want to build any captchas in here!

your mum und dad (2009-02-28):
We've tried to stop the prime numbers shitting bear. Not possible!

Your mum (2008-11-25):
Gratulation for Dream-Diplom! 1,0 is very acceptable. I'm proud of you!

KoMaXX (2008-11-25):
Thnx! Indeed, the "look" was with me ;)

Michael (2008-11-21):
Good look with your exam on Monday!

Serena (2008-08-24):
You're welcome

KoMaXX (2008-08-21):
I just feel like shouting.


That's it. Thanks for listening.

Serena (2008-04-24):
Haha, yeah, was a fun game while it lasted

No 10 was a bitch though

your mum (2008-04-07):
Ich wünsche dir einen schönen letzen Tag in USA und einen angenehmen Heimflug! Ich warte dann auf deine sms vom Münchner airport.Vielleicht gibts ja auch vorher noch einen neuen Bericht. kisses

KoMaXX (2008-04-02):
... versucht hab' ichs ;)
Which misunderstanding? Just really large trees :D

your mum (2008-04-02):
Hallo, ich warte schon auf deine nächsten Ergüsse auf englisch! Bist Du eigentlich auch schon mal zu deiner Diplomarbeit gekommen? Du hast ja schließlich von einem Arbeitsurlaub gesprochen. Bussi

Flo (2008-04-02):
trees having 3000 meters in height ... and bigger ... awesome ;)
sorry for misunderstanding you ...

KoMaXX (2008-03-27):
Sorry, too lazy for translations ;)

No, not first class, just first row in economy!

Petra (your mum) (2008-03-27):
I've read your news about San Francisco. Aber es wäre nett, wenns gleich immer eine translation gäbe!Du bist also tatsächlich in die first class geswitched?!What a "dusselbauer"!

KoMaXX (2008-03-17):
thnx :)

Serena Fate (2008-03-16):
Oi, figured out the car in CeBit Pictures ... it's an Artega ( ... apparently has some "innovative" electronic gadgets or whatever ...

taromda (2008-02-15):
Dude, I'm playing Basketball for years now and never got injured. You're doing it wrong :-D

Phil (2007-12-12):
haha, that puctuation guide is great - and I knwo exactly what you mean ;)

KoMaXX (2007-08-30):
;) Yes, English is obligatory. It makes the whole world understand (hopfeully ;)) and keeps my skills in shape.

Anni (2007-08-14):
Ist toll Deine Homepage, aber musst Du denn alles auf Englisch schreiben??? :))

Flo (2007-07-18):
Matz schnallts net 5 > 3 --> :(

Flo (2007-07-18):
not even top three ... damn YOU sir!

KoMaXX (2007-07-18):
Hey andi, thanks for the feedback. The safari-incompatibility should be fixed (I hope)!

andi (2007-07-14):
SHOUT! Love your layout and the hair-flic, but my safari messes up the footer?

marc (2007-07-02):
Ja, gar net verkehrt, dein Layout! Aber füll mal die blinden links auf!

KoMaXX (2007-07-01):
First post ;) In your faces *loser*!

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The lnx page is done! That is to say, the php scripts are running and most of my most valuable links are stored there. However, this site is intended to change heavily, when I find new valuable sites. But well, unless you habe exactly the same interests as me, Google will most likely work better for you!

I went to visit a flat in Munich today for the first time for years. And it sucked. Not the flat as such, although it wasn't that nice, but all the stumbling through streets, not finding the right building, and hesitating to build up the courage to walk into foreign realms. Nah, will be more fun when my girlfriend and I do it together next week.



The PhotoPolis page is finished! It contains now complete information about getting PhotoPolis up and running! Also, I was amazed to realize that there are still webpages just discovering PhotoPolis and writing about them: Check the "press" section on the photopolis-page.

And to something complete different: I saw the movie "Zeitgeist" today. I thought, I would be immune against all these conspiration theories by now, but this movie really got me... Ok, they just showed the suspicious side of their themes - but hey, their argumentation was damn convincing. Now, I would like to see something like on youtube: a video-response! Time, anyone? I tried to check some facts of the movie myself, but didn't get far. Was "Horus" really a virgin-birth, too? Is there no law enforcing federal income tax in the united states? Could really use some answers right now, but - surprise!! - the web doesn't seem to contain any :/



My exams are done and went very well - much better than I expected, actually ... like always ;) This means I have now some time to recover and relax. Naturally, you would expect, I also have time to improve and complete this homepage. But since I do have time for everything, now, I will most likely not work on this page - it's just not the "forbidden fruit" anymore as it has been during the learning weeks :( I really wish, I had more motivation...
Well, at least you got a news entry about that, right?

Oh, and by the way, the PhotoPolis-page is nearly completed. You better like it!



Wohooo, now there is a 'change'-button under each news - I can now change news after they were added directly in the page via php :):) This is to cancel out typos and html-mistakes, not to change the semantics of what I've written - I know the netiquette for blogs!
If I continue like this, this page will someday be managed by a fullfledged content-management-system written by me ... that would really be fun ... hmmm ... I could do a little modelling ... NO gottalearn gottalearn gottalearn gottalearn



You just have to love these weird wired-articles, see here in an article about new slang evolving round the Apple's little audio-monster. My personal favourite:
There's a few sex-related terms. To say someone is an iPod in the pants means that person is under endowed, he is "small and white." Podfapping is watching pornography on a video iPod, or masturbating while doing so. "Podfapping is also known as iFapping or iFap, or podsterbating," the site says.
Now I can't wait to use "podsterbating" on some podaholics.

And now back to my whining: 5 days to my exams and I don't know SHIT. That's gonna be a problem!



The FourWins3D page is finished! Check it out and drop me a line, how you liked the the program and the page - if it worked that is. Have Phun!



YES, this is the second SQL-based news-entry and - *epicHeroicFanfare* - it was created through my very own interactive php-based AddNews-Form :) This is really fun - and took the better half of the day, although my exams are REALLY near already =_=
So, what's next? Will I learn or see what Perl can do ... hmm ...



This is the very first message that is read from the mySQL-database :) Sooo, now it's time to build a input-frame to actually add new content. Well, I hope that will be fun, too.
By the way: If someone wants to have write rights, too, just mail, skype or morse ... Then again, a comment-function would be fun - and then everybody could get limited write-rights.... hmmm, entdecke die Möglichkeiten :)


Woooh, I just found out, what Pearl and PHP can do and how to do it (well, the basics). Turns out, that this web-site is becoming rapidly a project of itself - instead of just a platform to brag about me and my m44d ski11z.


I never knew, how much work putting together a website is. I always thought "It's just a little layouting and writing. Something you do in a few hours." Goodie, I just proved ignorant again >_<. Now, I'm already the second day at it (although I should better learn for my exams) and most pages still lack content. But I'm not defeated that easily!


Launch entry. Nothing to say yet... Oh, wait: Welcome to my page ;)


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Recently changed pages:



Below, you'll find a list of projects I did - or am still at. Of course, no project is ever finished, but some are, well, sleeping peacefully.
Not all of this stuff was done on my own, people who helped are honored on the respective subpages.


Flipz screenshot Get your brain juices flowing with this fun pattern-juggling puzzle game.

Or, humiliate your friends in a two-player hot seat match!


hAiR screenshot This project was created in an Augmented Reality course at my university. You put a kind of helmet on your head and the computer tracks your head and blends hairstyles on your head. If the result is not exactly what you wanted, you can use different "brushes" to modify, how extrem the style looks, change the color or even add new new strands.


photopolis screenshot Another university project. The program takes your complete photo library and builds houses according to the date when the picture was taken and assembles them to create a city. Then, you can explore this city with typical fps-controls. So, if you have enough pictures, you can stroll through your memories: Take the christmas road and turn right to the 2004-avenue.


FourWins3D screenshot This program started as a hhh (half-hour hack) during a short trip in the holidays: I love playing a game of four in a row once in a while and forgot to take my set. Well, I never forget my loyal notebook, so I hacked something at least playable together. Then hacking was fun again - so, the current version is fully 3D and playable over the web.


FourWins3D screenshot My major university project. Goal of this program is to make your computer listen to music similar to the way humans do to automatically estimate musical attributes like speed, used instruments, rhythmic components, and so on. Then, AudioPhield depicts a new kind of interface for new ways to interact with your music.collection


VsGolf screenshot One of the most interesting projects I was involved in. You play a kind of virtual team-golf-game: Virtual balls lie around anywhere in the city and especially in home-areas. Balls in your home-area are bad, they cause your time to lose points - so kick them out of your area, when you find them. The real kicker about this game is that it is played via your cellphone! You find a ball by (perhaps randomly) walking over its position and kick it by stepping back and running over the place, where the ball lies. Real fun, if you have a mobile phone with GPS!


PoRoBa screenshot This project is the main cause for the existance of this site - and also names the domain. A huge part of this site is dedicated to that game.


Ok, I know what you think: "WTF?? A 'links'-section? This is sooo nineties and embarassing private homepage" ... Well - it is ;) But this links section is there for ME mostly. I just want to have my links handy wherever I am. Yesyes, I know, there's and stuff like that, but I like this style better ;)

Legal note: I do not check all sites below frequently! At the time, I placed the link, these sites did not offend against any German or international law I'm aware of. However, sites change - if one of the sites offends now, I'm sorry and take my recommendation back. Please let me know, so I can delete the link!



Below, you'll find a list of courses I did during my studies at the LMU in munich. This is as much for me to remember what I actually did as for anyone, who is interested in what I should know and what the LMU offers.
On the bottom of the page, there is a table of stuff I'm experienced in, technical stuff that is.


1982-07-26 Born in Tirschenreuth. Slippery, I guess.
1988 - 1992 Elementary school "Marienschule" in Tirschenreuth
1992 - 2001 High school "Stiftland Gymnasium Tirschenreuth". Got the diploma with an average of 1.3. Graduated in Latin, Maths, Physics and Religion.
1997 - 2000 Part of the "Mystique Factory", a group of six students who intended to write a new kind of computer game named "northern blades" (something like a "battlezone" - though battlezone wasn't out yet - in a fantasy-setting). We got pretty far, but too much ambition paired with no time left, because of the final exams, ended it.
2001 - 2002 Military service as a medic.
2002 Started studying media informatics at the LMU in Munich.
2004 Intermediate diploma. Average exam-score: 1.2. Overall diploma-grade: 1.4
2005 - 2006 Worked as assistant scientist at the chair of media-informatics at the LMU.
2006 Started developing PoRoBa
2007 Completed my project thesis (the first part of "AudioPhield"). Grade: 1.0
2007-06-15 Started developing and filling this site.
2008-09-16 Handed in my diploma thesis.
2008-12-01 Started working at the Aloqa GmbH.
2010-09-01 Aloqa bought by Motorola Mobility Inc.
2011-08-15 Lead designer and lead engineer at Motorola Mobility Inc, Sunnyvale
2012-10-06 Co-Founder and CXO at Pockets United GmbH, Munich


This page contains all kind of stuff I did. Computer stuff. No big projects, nothing fancy, nothing I'm particularily proud of. But, well, I put it here anyway. You can't stop me. Take anything you like below and use it for whatever you like, but please refer to me or this site, when you do so!

Well, soon ... ish


uhm ... what? where am I?

So, you stumbled on this page and have no idea, what you're doing here. I, the almighty king of this realm, have no idea, either.

But here's what this page is all about: This is the private homepage of a single person, KoMaXX, and what you will find here may be typical for private homepages. So, there is a blog (stupid ranting about ... uhm ... we'll see), self-glorification, some projects, finished or for ever under development, and stuff like that. Most of this half of the site, the komaxx-part, is effectively my playground and virtual business card.

Feel free to roam around and look smug. And if you own a PocketPC, take a look at PoRoBa, perhaps you'll like it.



Frequently asked questions. Mail me what's missing!
What does "PoRoBa" mean?
"Pocket Round Based". You are allowed to snicker. When I started the project, I didn't realize that German "rundenbasierte" games are called "turn based" in English. And now I stick to it. After all, "poroba" does also mean "slavery" in Czech. That's appropriate, I sometime feel like a slave to this project.
Does PoRoBa work on VGA-PDAs?
My guess is: "no". I don't have VGA-gear, so I can't test it. If I'll finally have one, it will work.
Is there a version for my PalmOS/MacOS/Android/Symbian?
Sorry, Windows Mobile only. PoRoBy is written in C# footing on the .net compact framework. As long as this framework and something similar to the gapi.dll are not available for other platforms, there will be no support. I don't want to rewrite everything.
Can I offer PoRoBa on my CD/homepage/...?
You are welcome to do so - but please inform me about this distribution.
I don't hear anything?
That's all right, PoRoBa doesn't play any sounds. Most people don't even seem to miss them. If I have no more ideas of what to include, sounds might be a possibility ;)